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So much for my existence on this plane. On this two-dimensional matrix, I’m no more than a mathematical expression, a cold statement of the location 3,5. However, is that all I am? I suspect there is another hidden dimension, one more axis which gives me yet another value – my consciousness. I do not know in which direction this axis is extended, for my understanding is limited to the two dimensions of length and breadth. A third dimension is a mysterious and mystical entity for me.

Yet it is this third that must be responsible for the fact that I can think, that I am aware of myself. There is nothing in the 3 or the 5, or anything else on this XY plane, that can account for the phenomenon that I am addressing you now. As far as this plane is concerned, I ought to be no more than a point, a mere geometrical entity, a mathematical description. Yet I think of myself as ‘I’. Therefore this must be an effect of something that is beyond the lifeless mathematics of the XY plane.

There must be a Z axis which is inaccessible to the cold formulae of two-dimensional geometry. The Z axis passes through this plane, and touches all forms and figures here with its other-worldly fire to impart awareness. The degree of my consciousness is defined by my distance from the point at which the Z axis intersects the XY plane. I do not know where that ‘Z point’ is – is it at 0,0, the origin itself, or is it some other point, closer to or farther from me?

All I know is that mere positional superiority on the XY plane does not automatically imply superiority in awareness. The ‘Z point’ may actually be closer to me than to 0,0. For all I know, I may be the Z point – the representative of another, loftier dimension on this lowly plane. I may be the interface between XY and Z, the connection between earth and heaven. I may even call myself Z incarnate, the prophet of Z-ness on XY.

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