Module 5 discussion 1 – companionship of the gods

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What does this creation myth tell us about Yoruba culture?  How does it enhance the brief amount of historical information given in the introduction to the Creation of the Universe and Ife? 


As you discuss this story with your classmates you might consider the following questions in developing your posts: 

Why would a god desire companionship?
How do the Yoruba gods care for the world and the people?
How do the events of the myths demonstrate the concerns of the Yoruba tribe?
Are those concerns still vital today?
The chameleon is an interesting character.  What is the significance of the contest between Olorun and Olokun, and the way that the chameleon participates in the trickery?  How does that reflect on the proclamation that Olorun is the greatest of the gods?

Minimum posts to qualify for full points:  1 initial and 2 replies in 3 different sessions.  1st post must be made by Wednesday! Remember to proofread your posts!

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