Module 3 discussion | NURS 3335 | University of Texas at Arlington

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Nutrition & Exercise, Complementary & Alternative Holistic Strategies, and the Nurse’s Role in Patient Education

As  seen in this week’s readings and media regarding Complementary and  Alternative practices, there is a growing number of American’s using  these types of practices for their health. Reflect upon your own  personal values and cultural influences and the use of Complementary and  Alternative practices when responding to the following questions:

  1. How  do culture and personal values influence the use of complementary and  alternative medicine practices? (in-text citation and reference  required)
  2. In your own culture, what types of complementary  practices are utilized? Describe the practice and what it was used for.  (no reference required)
  3. What types of complementary and  alternative practices have you seen in your nursing practice or used  personally and what was the effectiveness of the practice? (no reference  required)

Remember to include an APA formatted  in-text citation AND corresponding reference from a recent (within last 5  years), professional journal or website (NIH, CDC, etc.). (Failure to  include BOTH an in-text citation AND a corresponding reference will  result in a significant point deduction. Please contact your coach if  you have any questions about this BEFORE submitting your post to the  discussion board this week.) You do not need an in-text  citation/reference for all questions, but the FIRST question DOES require an in-text citation and reference.

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