Module 05 lab 02 – unknown strong acid lab/questions and concept test

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Instructions for Virtual Lab: Record all observations and take screenshots of your work.

Go to lab page:

  1. Strong Acid
    1. Determine the concentration of the unknown strong acid          
    2. 3 lab questions dealing with the Acid Lab (below)
      1. Briefly describe the equivalence point in a titration. What species are present?
      2. Phenolphthalein is an indicator that will change color at pH close to 8. Why would we use phenolphthalein to determine when the equivalence point is reached?
      3. At what point do you know that you have added enough base from the buret into the acid solution? What happens to your calculations for the concentration of the acid if you accidentally add in more base than you need to?
    3. Concept test (note: you will need to record the answers separately)

Click on the words “Unknown Acid Problem” (on the right side just above Work Bench 1), which will further explain the lab problem within this assignment.

The lab will center on:

  • Determining the concentration of the acid (showing math steps and auto graded answer)
  • 3 lab questions
  • Concept test

Submit a zip file of all screenshots and answers for this lab activity.

For assistance taking a screenshot, refer to the following guide.

For assistance zipping files together, refer to the following guide

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