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This Minor Project is an introduction to the HRM’s role of designing a pay structure (which will be discussed in more detail next week). For this research paper reflect and/or answer sections 3 and 4 by writing a 2-3 page paper about your findings from your selected profession:

  1. Choose a specific profession or job title (try to be as specific as possible)
  2. Research that career’s compensation using Bureau of Labor Statistics, job posting sites (i.e. Indeed), and payscale sites like glassdoor.com OR payscale.com
  3. Read Pynes pages 212-217 and reflect on any differences or distinction you found relating to “external equity” or “internal equity” from different employers, geographical labor markets, or different compensation value given by different industries, etc.
  4. Read Pynes pages 212-217 and consider what typical compensable factors are important to look at when considering the employee equity – did you notice any of these being manifested in your search?

Remember: Don’t forget that all major and minor research papers require APA formatting (which is not included in the page count). In addition, each paper should include Times New Roman and double spaced formatting. For this paper utilize multiple sources in your research.


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