Mgt 18 final essay prompts

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We have been exploring themes in managing diverse teams over the 10 weeks of the quarter (or 9 blocks of the summer quarter). During this time we have covered the following broad content areas: a business case for diversity; groups and teams; social identity theory as a useful framework for understanding individual behavior in groups and teams; communication skills for team membership and leadership; emotional, social and cultural intelligences; leading 21st century domestic and global teams; and the future of teams and diverse teams in your future.


Each content area has included works by multiple authors. As the class draws to an end, it is a valuable exercise to identify the specific ideas and authors that have been the most powerful contributors to your learning. Combined, these will likely be the ideas you will carry with you and remember. This process of review, selection and reflection on key ideas is the purpose of the final exam essay. 




Compose an essay that identifies and discusses 5 authors and their ideas presented in the course that have been the most powerful and meaningful for you. Why did you select each and how have these authors and their ideas developed your thinking about managing diverse teams?


Your essay must include:

·         Five (5) named authors and their ideas (no more than one blog author in the 5)

·         No more than one author from anysingle week

·         Introduction and conclusion paragraphs


Format and Other Details

·         Write in the first person

·         Two page maximum – 1.5 or double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman

·         Place your name, date, course and “Final Essay” in the upper right header (just like your WPJ)

·         No title needed

·         Be careful to keep “stories” to a minimum. Whereas in a WPJ you may have dedicated an entire paragraph to a story of your personal/work experience, in this essay you will need to keep such references to a sentence or two.

·         Be careful how you use direct quotes. Keep this to a minimum also. I want to know your thoughts and ideas.

·         Be careful to balance your coverage. Too many students lose points when they have lengthy coverage of the first two or three authors and then run out of space for the final few.

·         I don’t do any pre-submission reading of essays, but would be happy to discuss your ideas with you in office hours.

·         No bibliography needed

·         Refer to authors by last name only (If we have covered more than one work by an author whom you wish to include, you can write about any of their ideas.

·         This is a Turnitin submission (found in the“Final Exam” Content folder  on TED).