Mgmt 591 Lsi Paper Week 2 Name Date Survey Taken Your Styles

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MGMT 591 LSI Paper Week 2

Name: Date Survey Taken:
Your LSI Styles Profile

Position Style Score Percentile
1 Humanistic-Encouraging 32 63
2 Affiliative 33 65
3 Approval 13 50
4 Conventional 18 75
5 Dependent 15 50
6 Avoidance 09 70
7 Oppositional 4 25
8 Power 2 10
9 Competitive 11 42
10 Perfectionistic 16 25
11 Achievement 36 80
12 Self-Actualizing 31 65

Image: Survey Result

My Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Interpretation

Part I: Personal Thinking Styles (primary, backup, limiting):
1. “Primary” and “Backup” Thinking Styles: What are your “primary” and “backup” personal thinking styles as revealed by your completed LSI?

2. “Limiting” Style: Using the style interpretations in the LSI Guide, identify and illustrate one style you think might be working against you to reduce your effectiveness.

Part II: Impact on Management Style:

Part III: Genesis of Personal Styles:

Part IV: Conclusion and Reflection:

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