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In the memoir, “Farm Girl”, Jessica Hemauer shares her reflection from working hard doing chores on the farm. Jessica noticed that being a farm girl does not allow her to be like the other classmates. Jessica eventually realized she was different from the rest of her peers. “A typical ten-year-old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores!” (Hemauer, 2011, p.83) Jessica knew that she had no social life at school because her farm girl family routines. Jessica felt that at her age she should be able to juggle a social life and her daily routines on the farm. After a meeting with her father, he agreed to hire more people for the farm and allow his kids to experience life by their own choices. Jessica established a manageable routine to allow herself to go to school, work and still complete her farm duties.

Jessica’s future carried her to college but after she realized she was attempting so hard to fit in with her peers to have a social life, that she would always be different. Jessica’s peers lacked the potential she carried with her and her farm girl days. The emotional response to “Farm Girl” would have to be allowing yourself to embrace who you are as an individual. Some pre-teens, teens, and adults tend to place themselves in “groups” to fit in, when they are their own individual person. Also being at school you hear others speak about their situations “good or bad”, but to not actually know there full story can play a major part. Farm Girl is about a ten-year-old and her family life style but with the daily routines Jessica was taught that her peers were not on the level that she was on.

Every morning, up at 5:00 a.m., but her peers were probably still sleep. Working on the farm for about two hours, but her peers were probably still sleep. This routine was able to allow Jessica not only time management but leadership, respect for a working person, patience, etc… After reading this memoir the first time, I could not resist reading this memoir again. This memoir teaches teens to become leaders and not be followers, to be your own individual person. At the end of the day, everything that you strive to be has to be a happy ending for you, not for someone else.

There were portions in the memoir that made me think that maybe Jessica’s father just wanted the family to continue in the farming business, but after the meeting and he told them to continue their educations by going to college and allowing them to make the decision if they wanted to continue at the farm, that allowed Jessica and her siblings to be decision-makers. Jessica continued her education, managed her job and still continued to have a social life but was able to understand the life style difference that she had verses her friends.

Hemauer, J. (2011). The McGraw-Hill guide writing: Writing for college, writing for life (2nd ed., pp. 83-87). In D. H. Roen, G. R. Glau, & B. M. Maid (Eds.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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