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   memo addressing the issue ( Is Lois’ adoption by Abe and Jose appropriate? Why?) 

Your supervising attorney’s client (Dad) is the custodial parent of his 5-year-old son and seeks to relocate with this child to another state

The client’s former spouse (who is the other parent, Mom) opposes the relocation.  Both parents have a good relationship with the child. Under the current custody agreement, Dad has full physical custody and joint legal custody,  and Mom has partial physical custody and joint legal custody

Can the client relocate to a state that is 200 miles from where the parents and child currently live?   What is the legal process to relocate?   What does the client need to prove? What is the law?

Write a memo addressing these issues. What facts would make it more likely that such relocation would be permitted?

Offer case law and statutory law to support your discussion.

Reminder: Do not use commercial websites for this or any assignment in this class.

Do not use self-help manuals provided by any site. If you do use prohibited websites, you will not receive any credit Be sure to use the Bluebook so you cite correctly. Bluebook format. See attached and this website for assistance.

Use the Legal Memo Format: Sample Legal Memo Format

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