Measuring love and committment (mitchell)

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  • Measuring Love and Commitment
  • Make sure you elaborate on your answers; the answers should not be just “yes” or “no.”

 Think of a current or past romance to answer these questions about love and commitment:

  1. Do you think your relationship will be permanent?
  2. Can you confide in your partner about almost anything?
  3. Are you attracted to other potential partners or to living as a single person?
  4. Would you be miserable if you could not be with your partner?
  5. Would you find it personally difficult to end your relationship?
  6. If you felt lonely, would your first thought be to seek your partner?
  7. Do you feel obligated to continue this relationship?
  8. Would you forgive your partner for almost anything?
  9. In your opinion, do you think your partner intends to continue this relationship?
  10. Is one of your primary concerns your partner’s welfare?

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