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1. What micro-environmental factors affected both the first generation and second generation models of Toyota Prius? How well has to Toyota dealt with these factors? To readers of this problem have an important starting point the definition of micro-environment. This term is a factor in the marketing environment, its problems, in one way or another, affect the ability of the company, close and direct way to serve its customers. This includes, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, employees and the media, including the factors. With this in mind, it may be the security status of the micro-environmental factors affect the first and second-generation Toyota Prius customers and competitors.Consumers, natural gas prices, are looking for answers to their prayers.

Toyota to give them the answer, the vehicle will allow people to save gas, and provide a good, efficient service. The first generation Prius was released, though not too beautiful or strange, it provides to its will and customer purchase.Other factors, competitors, it is obvious. Everyone wants to share. Honda and other auto manufacturers have begun to develop and / or implementation of the hybrid system on some of their vehicles. Toyota’s answer is the continuous development has been the success of the Prius. Developed and released the second generation. This is a new generation of more fuel-efficient. It also includes the more technology advances, more space, and other factors, will allow all types of customers are interested in.

2. Outline the major macro-environmental factors – demographic, economic, natural, political and cultural – that have affected the Prius sales. How well Toyota dealt with each of these factors? Macro-environmental factors of the microenvironment of the impact of larger social forces. Some of these factors is the demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces. With that said, I believe that the macro-environmental factors that affect the Prius sales forces of nature in a positive way. Now, it would not be fair if I did not mention the strength and economy.

Therefore, a car, save gas, which means that also contribute to pollution. Technological progress is the basis of the possible Prius, this second generation for the better. The first generation is a considerable based on second-generation release more tools and additional. Natural gas prices continued to increase non-stop.The facts will affect the sales of the Prius, especially in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) driven society. Macro-environmental factors


Demographics is the other statistical aspects of human society, the size, location, gender, or race. Based on these factors, the organizations to develop a marketing plan for potential customers.


Basically, economics is the study of how society choose to use its resources. I believe that the factors that contribute to government and other entities to provide incentives for the purchase of vehicles such as the Prius. Growing desire to protect the environment, the impact of many industries, in our case, the transport sector. Toyota made ​​the right step to produce its Natural

The macro-environment factors, including the use of natural resources, in order to improve the clients’ interests. “Green” is to sell these days. The community has a great interest and feel very positive to save the planet.Toyota’s marketing team in a very positive way to use such factors as the vehicle to cause a stir.


Well, after all, what society is these days, all the technological progress does not? New technologies are constantly touch the community. Technology to improve existing products and new opportunities. Toyota is the use of technology to make customers aware of upcoming vehicles. It uses tools such as the Internet to distribute brochures and all types of Prius its pre-release information.


what is community government and the law? Forces, no doubt, connected to the economy. Toyota and other car manufacturers have access to people who are willing to buy a hybrid vehicle tax and other incentives. If other forces did not cause any interest, which will certainly be. So now you can save gas, you can also save tax. In addition, in some cases, you are allowed to driving the HOV line, even if only one person driving.


Demographic forces will set in. Toyota’s strategy is likely to be the best time to hit the social base of interested customers. The high price of natural gas to drive a vehicle is not economical. The society is a solution to the need for change and Toyota.

3. Evaluate Toyota’s marketing strategy so far. What has Toyota done well? How might it improve its strategy? Product-The re-launch of the product better and attractive features than its previous version, including its appearance and internal characteristics. Price-Second, the price to remain competitive, helping the company to maintain the advantage over their competitors, and maintain its customer profitability. Place-the products by the market, in this sense, it is available showroom on the Internet easily. Customers to make informed decisions, provide detailed site and personal assistance by a trained agent. They can also share their experiences through chat rooms such as the Prius envy, Promotions-the ComExtensive marketing activities, and through television (Discovery Channel, MSNBC, history and the Learning Channel, etc.), billboards, car magazines (Newsweek, Vanity Fair far) heavy promotional activities, newspapers, leaflets, along withemotional banners and environmental appeal Toyota as market leader itself In my opinion, and according to the situation, Toyota has brought a new product with a strong marketing strategy.

I think the only problem is that the target range of vehicles is limited. The first generation Prius is a very simple and basic. It did not provide a standard these days all these benefits in a number of vehicles and tools. The other hand, the second generation has brought many changes, especially technological progress. It also includes a little more luxury, better style. This time, in my opinion, Toyota, carry more electricity marketing strategy that, more types of consumers. I think that Toyota is moving in the right direction in its marketing strategy greetings. In addition, the Prius seems to be technological progress is greatly enhanced. It is not only running the miles per gallon, but it also makes people interested in gadgets, fully. Toyota has a few of their vehicles lead in the automotive market is not a myth. Prius entire team, including its marketing group is doing a great job when it comes to development and advocacy.

4. GM’s marketing director for new ventures, Ken Stewart, says "if you want to get a lot of hybrids on the road, you put them in vehicles that people are buying now." This seems to summarize the U.S. auto makers’ approach to hybrids. Would you agree with Mr. Stewart? Why or why not? Recall back the 1970s Arab oil embargo. Once the Americans are scared, gas rationing and prices, they bought a lot of small cars. Since then, they have switched to buy a bigger car than they buy the oil embargo (SUVs). Basically, most Americans like big cars. Large, and we want room. Therefore, Stewart has a point. Given the large share of the market for large vehicles (cars and trucks), has been arrested, hybrid sales will be greater, if they are large vehicles, rather than small. (Large vehicles have a greater market share, if you add the SUV, van, truck sales together.) If the company’s goal is to sell more hybrid model has a high price tag (which may create a more of profits), then his argument makes sense.

However, SUVs and trucks are usually performance vehicles, so people want to know if a hybrid car (for example) is a contradiction. Consumers believe that a truck or a Jeep hybrid is a big, tough vehicles? To promote these vehicles tend to emphasize through the rugged terrain and hairpin turn around the performance, speed, toughness, driving. Clearly, Toyota is considered most likely to respond to these calls consumers are those who buy smaller cars. So far, they have been successfully selling their own cars, but they still do not sell a lot of impact to their bottom line. The market may not at this time, large.

I believe I will agree with Mr. Stewart. It is a fact, people are buying cars, because they like or need them, rather than because of gas efficiency. Now, if you add the gas efficiency of the factors, it may encourage consumers. In my opinion, the Prius is one of the ugliest car I’ve ever seen. I would buy it the fact that, will save gas? I would not buy it, is not only ugly, but it does not meet the purpose and taste. Now, if we are talking about the SUV Universal Tahoe, I think it might be of interest. Not only as SUVs, but it also looks good, and help me save gas and environmental contributions. Prius, although the very economy of natural gas may not be the best car of a six House. Therefore, there are other options is based on the same concept may be very useful Toyota or any car.

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