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  1. Last season, a pair of jeans cost $42.95. This season, the price of the jeans increased by 25 percent. Later in the season, the jeans were put on sale for 25 percent off.

    • First, guess. What do you think the sale price will be? Why?
    • Then, calculate:
      • How much did the jeans cost at the beginning of this season?
      • What was their sale price?
    • Did you get the sale price you were expecting? Why or why not?
  2. Consider what the jeans would cost if they had gone on sale by 25% first, and then had their price increased by 25%.

    • First guess. What do you think the jeans will cost this time? Why?
    • Then, calculate: How much will the jeans cost this time?
    • Did you get the answer you were expecting? Why or why not?
  3. Discuss the differences between (1) and (2). What did you learn or observe about the mathematics involved, as a result of your guesses and calculations?

Be sure to answer all parts of the question above. It is possible that you will not be successful at answering all parts of the question at this point, and that is okay. Describe what you were able to solve and what questions you have remaining.

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