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Good afternoon’s teachers and my peers, today I would like to give my speech about how education leads to a successful life. I am going to discuss three main points in my speech that are; education provides a better quality of life, it expand people mind and helps people to learn values and morals.

Firstly education provides better quality of life because it helps people to become successful and smart people by giving knowledge and ideas.Education is key to get good job. It will guide through your life it will help people what job they want to. In this website seek.com.au author was telling that“Now a day every job requires employee to be well-educated and industry are offering high salary jobs to highly educated people and educated people have good chance of getting better occupations. According to jobs qualification website authors was saying that “without much education one person will end up working 50 hours a weeks while other person with better education makes more money in the half time”.

Secondly, Education expand people mind because it help us to understand this world. It teaches us how to make decision, how to think, how to work properly and how to cope with complicated things in life and it makes people hard workers and that give people freedom .it give us power to understand thing in our life and teach us to learn from different experience. An educated people have ability to modify their life in positive way. Without knowledge and Education people would not have develops a meaningful outlook of life.

We learn values and moral in school through education that make us right thinkers and it help to act in good manners. We learn values like honesty, kindness that is important in our life. education help us to achieve Successful goal in our life.Educaton open our minds to outside world so it allow people to gain knowledge and values from other cultural. According to ask .com.au (website) author was telling that education help society in different useful ways and without education people would not have highly developed life to live happily and peacefully so people need to have good education.

Thank you for listen my speech

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