Literature essay on gender and sexuality representations in selected

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I have attached the short stories (6 of them) that we read in Section 1 and 2. Please read them and use them in this assignment. Quote from them when giving examples and also cite your sources correctly using MLA style.


For section 1, we read Sandra Cisneros’ “Bien Pretty“, “Mexican Movies“, and “Anguiano.”

For Section 2, we read, Junot Diaz’s “Drown“, “Fiesta“, and Guantando



At  this point of the course, you have read works from Sections #1 and  #2:  Mexican American Borderlands and The Caribbean Experience in the United States I am asking for a 3-5 page paper discussing common themes that you found in the literature we have read in both Sections I want you to focus on gender and sexuality representations that were overt and those representations that  subvert the gender and sexuality “norms” of male dominance and heterosexuality.  Please use as many examples as possible to support your analysis

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