Learning theory- individual project 4

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Part 1

You will create a short training course for adults and present it to a selected audience. Use the information from Weeks 1–4 to complete your Key Assignment draft. This week, decide if the course will be an online, offline, or mixed methods approach. This week you will develop a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the structure of your course. Also, create 1 assignment, and add this to your course.

Your course should include the following elements in a PowerPoint presentation with 8–10 slides and 200–300 words of notes per slide:

Slide 1: Write the name of your course.

Slide 2: You should provide a brief explanation of the course and the learning objectives.

Slide 3: You should include 1 adult learning theory that is applicable to your course.

Slide 4: Determine whether the framework of the course is online, offline, or mixed.

Slides 5 and 6: You should describe 2 types of course learning materials or tools.

Some examples could include a course discussion, presentation, or a short video.

Slides 6 and 7: You should include examples of the 2 curriculum materials or tools for course use.

Slides 8 and 9: Create 1 assignment for your course.

Slide 10: This slide should contain your conclusion.

Slide 11: Be sure to include your references on this slide.

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