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In CW1 Learning Journal you have to answer 2 seminar questions, each question from aseparate week and each answer for 1000 words. In this Learning Journal you have to showknowledge and understanding on the topic. Therefore, you must go through the lectures, thereadings and the seminar activities to answer the question. Students will be assessed on howwell they have read and understood the lectures/readings and on their ability to criticallyreflect on a topic, applying it to contemporary issues/examples and making connection withrelated concepts and debates. The answer should be clearly structured with an introduction,conclusion and should have a sequential structure where one sections clearly connects to thenext. Sources should be properly cited.

1. NGOs and the policy process

     -Khilnani development of civil society

     -Hirschman Exit Voice Loyalty

2. GOs and the aid system


     -NGOs without aid.pdf

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