Leadership Strategy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sample essay

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Choose are leader you are interested in and analyse why you consider him/her to be a leader? Describe his or her key strengths and weaknesses as a leader. What makes you consider that person as an effective leader? Justify your answers in relation to the theories & practices we have examined in the course.

Leadership is a crucial important topic that is deeply studied over time till today because it has a major effect in all the systems surrounding us affecting the individuals through political, businesses, humanitarian and to be named depending on the content of leadership nature. The term leadership can be defined as influential relationship between leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes towards a desirable future (Daft 2011).

The great leader of all time influential on individuals does not disappear even after these leaders has been deceased. This is because such leaders not only possesses required leadership characteristic such as charisma, courage, passion, ethical and emotional attachment to its people which will further be discussed in the following essay in relation to the chosen leader but also what they have done for their followers and society as an whole for their better future.

The perfect leader till date who has not been able to replace not even partially was the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him (pbuh) who was a universal leader not just for the people of Muslims but towards every man-kinds on a global scale. He is not just a spiritual leader but also recognized as a leader for his political movement, a philosopher, a family man and also a business man.

His teachings and actions were as per the guideline from the holy book of Islam “The Quran” – the word of god known as Allah (Gullen 2006). This essay will further discussed in details about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) leadership style in relation to the current established theoretical frameworks on leadership and the reason why he is still well-known for his accomplishment towards his missions not in just spreading the message of Islam, but also creating the equality and justice which is also a part of the message during the dark age in Arabia where the powerful crashed the weak, women dignity was misused and bloodshed was considered as a virtue (Gullen 2006).

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