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Leaders and Systems-Based Practice


The purpose of this discussion is for learners to discuss how they will use systems-based practice to grow in the role of nursing leader.


Leaders use systems-based practice to empower other nurses. Considering your current or former clinical setting, share how you will use principles of systems-based practice to grow in your role as a leader in nursing. Include a scholarly outside source to support your answer.

Leaders in nursing empower others. In this discussion, you will be exploring the connection between systems-based practice and your growth as a leader in nursing. I look forward to your contributions!

Review the materials for the week in the Modules area. The information will be helpful to you in answering this week’s questions related to empowerment of nurses through systems-based practice. As you answer, consider how the issues discussed directly affect you as a nurse and will influence your nursing practice in the future. Please be sure to include citations from the textbook and other course materials to support your discussion responses. Also, include the complete reference for your citations at the bottom of your discussion post. You should be starting to get a little more comfortable with APA formatting of references and citations. I’m looking forward to another great week.

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