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Language Planning & Language Policy

LING 301]

[Language Planning & Language Policy]


[Name: ] | [Intro to Applied Linguistics


  • A. Choose one of the following scenarios below.
  • The Ministry of Education has been informed of the growing need for students who intend to study abroad to expand their knowledge of English for Academic Purposes.
  • An agency in Yanbu that hires drivers from Bangladesh has received multiple complaints from clients regarding the problems they face communicating with the drivers. Many of the clients have limited knowledge and/or exposure to the English language.
  • The Ministry of Education has proposed that English be taught as early as first grade in Saudi schools. However, this has been met with complaints and criticism from parents who fear their children will not be competent in Arabic.
    • For this scenario you will instead search for information to support the proposal by the Ministry.


  • B. In groups of no more than four, draft a language plan that includes all phases of language planning.
    • Selection – Choose a variety of the language. Be sure to mention why a particular variety was chosen.
    • Codification 
    • Implementation
    • Elaboration/Modernization 
      • For numbers 2 – 4, you need only mention that which is necessary. If there is no need for modification of codes, be sure to mention it and explain why.
  • Since this is a draft, it is not expected to be a complete plan. However, it is expected to be in the format of an essay which includes an introduction and body paragraphs that detail each phase.

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