Joint commission im standards health info management

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2  attachments included  please follow instructions and complete table for part one and the memo to the Quality improvement Manager

Part 1
● Create a table that lists each of the issues the consultant found at the hospital. Then, analyze each issue and decide which Joint Commission IM standard is in question. Then, in the Excerpt column, provide a short statement from the standard or intent to describe why you chose the IM Standard that you did. Creat table in word

Issue                                                                                          IM Standard           Excerpt

The department’s plan for backup procedures is not detailed.  IM.01.01.03
 Note: You should have at least 10 issues presented.  


Part 2: Imagine you are the HIM Director and write a memo to the Quality Improvement Manager about your findings. Your memo should: 
 ● describe where this hospital needs the most improvement and why. ● describe what you think the most important opportunity for improvement is. ● recommend where to focus the next performance improvement project.

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