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The bill of Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA is included in the United States Congress and is recommended to keep a tight rein on children’s disclosure to obscene websites and explicit material available on the internet and online. This bill was proposed by the Senator of Arizona, Mr. John McCain who wanted CIPA to be in United States Senate in the year 1999; however it was not included until various other delegates launched it in the United States House of Representatives, subsequent to which an absolute version was made and passed on the 15th December, 2000 after President Bill Clinton brought it into Law on 21st December, 2000 which after a few years on 23rd June, 2003 finally got defended by the Supreme Court of United States of America (US District Pennsylvania, 2010). This law requires the schools and public libraries to use internet safety filters for the reception of certain national financial support.

Therefore the Supreme Court of United States of America has followed on constitutionality CIPA and has been providing them with the relieves to acquire reasonably priced telecommunications and Internet (Willard, 2007). Supreme Court of United States of America’s ruling on CIPA The purpose of CIPA was to provide the libraries and schools of the USA with support for internet and telecommunication facilities and this has been followed perfectly since the Supreme Court of USA approved it however it has certain limitation.

A legal apprehension for instructors is lawsuits brought through anxious parents and associations. Through certain internet filters the minors can be saved from the explicit content on the internet which may rot their minds at a very early age so this helps in preventing the data of school from being seen by some other sources and, therefore from all points provide maximum security to the children and their families (US District Pennsylvania, 2010).

As mentioned there are certain limitation to the support program which includes that as per CIPA, schools and libraries under CIPA do not obtain the concession accessible through the “E-rate” program, which is a concession that provides the facility of internet to schools and libraries, until they confirm that they have all the internet security measures in place which include the filter of blockage of pictures which are obscene, which may contain explicit material or certain data which might be bad for the children’s mind, therefore the schools which have CIPA facility need to have proper monitoring system which is too under check of the USA authorities jus in case of any violation (Willard, 2007).

Also the educational institutions and libraries under the watch and aid of CIPA have to implement an authority and are inquired about to check the children while they use the internet, send any electronic mail or use some kind of chatting resource through the web while special check on certain hacking or misuse of internet by a minor is done and all the information is under supervision of the authorities however it does not need tracing of internet and the websites used by the children or any adult during the subjection to CIPA as it can be done by the supervisor of the place where the internet is being used (US District Pennsylvania, 2010). Hence this has been one of the greatest steps taken by the United States government and surely has a brilliant positive effect on the minors as they not only learn the use of internet but are also protected through it.

Conclusion The united states government has always taken steps for the betterment of its citizen and the ones through which they can be benefitted therefore this step of CIPA ruling under the Supreme Court of the USA deserves appreciation and especially the people who donate funds to help the schools and libraries running and provide facilities the young minds

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