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Research and analyze the following information for THE COMPANY (SELECTED BY INSTRUCTOR). 
–Annual Balance Sheets for THE COMPANY for the last three years. 
–The Income Statements for THE COMPANY the last three years. 
— Annual reports, 10K or 10Q—— 
–Industry norms ———– 
—Analysts’ reports on performance 
— Management reports or press releases 
Using this information the students have to develop evaluation of the financial performance for THE COMPANY 
(SELECTED BY INSTRUCTOR). (Totally 85% of the assignment grade) 

1. Background and Industry (one short paragraph). 
2. Select of most significant financial performance results for the company: Compare Revenue, net income, 
working capital, total assets for the last three years and other results of your choice of the company 
against the industry or main competitor. Present the table with this information in your report. Write 
about 1 page of the analysis of these financial performance results. (15% of the project grade) 
3. Find financial ratios for the company and its major competitor in the Internet. Write about 1-2 pages of 
analysis of the ratio results you received. (15% of the project grade). Compare the ratio results against the 
industry or main competitor. 
4. Evaluate Return on Equity for the company for the last three years using the DuPont analysis. (10% of the 
project grade). Compare the company’s results to a major competitor. 
5. Taking the information from the Income statements and the Balance sheets, calculate the company’s 
return on equity using the DuPont technique for the company for three years. Follow the formulas on 
pages 437-438 of the textbook. Show your calculation! 
6. Write about 1 page of analysis of the results that you received. Compare the results to main competitor. If 
the management of the company would like to improve their return on equity, what should the 
management of these companies do? 
7. Evaluate other areas of financial analysis: capital spending, stock growth, Beta values, credit rating service 
valuations (if possible), bond rating valuations (if possible), etc. Make an overall conclusion about financial 
performance of the company during the last years. Compare the results that you received against the 
industry or main competitor. Summarize the results that you received in 1 pages. What are the firm’s 
financial strengths and weaknesses? (10% of the project grade) 
a. Collect and evaluate the data about stock performance of the assigned company’s for the last 
one year. Compare the results that you received against the industry or main competitor. 
8. Write about 1 page of analysis of the ratio results you received. (20% of the project grade). 
9. Develop a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale, as to whether or not the assigned 
company’s recent trend in financial and stock performance is of sufficient financial strength to warrant 
entering into a long-term commitment. (about 1 page) (15% of the project grade)

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