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In the study conducted by Md Taha Hanisha entitled Online Restaurant Management System (2008) a system that provides service facility to restaurant and also to the customer. The services that are provided are food ordering and reservation table management by the customer through the system online. With this system online, ordering and reservation management will become easier and systematic to replace traditional system.

With this study, the ordering and reservation services will be easier to the customer because it can be done through the internet. The study helps the proponents to improve the services of the business through online and they knew the different demands that the company must meet.

According Li, et. al. (2011), the E-commerce on-line catering reserving and ordering system based on mobile intelligent terminal is system integrates with wireless communications, artificial intelligence, and database technologies and achieves many functions, such as reserving, ordering, evaluation, recommending, restaurants navigation, scheduling, information displaying, and ordering records management, etc. The system has realized customer-focused, personalized, and high quality catering reserving and ordering service and has been used in several restaurants in Beijing. With the use of modern information technology it improves the operational efficiency of restaurant and catering enterprises.

This study gives the proponents an idea to which the system helps the business in different operations with the use of the technology. The system integrates with wireless communications that could help the company to have a high standard performance.

Local Related Literatures

According to the studies conducted by the Distributors Edge (2010), Distributors of all kinds are now facing challenges to their survival and success as today’s difficulty economy puts increasing pressure on inventories. As competition in testifies, cost raise, customer expectations increase, and profit margins continue to shrink; the margin for error around inventory management has continuously narrowed. Now, wholesalers/distributors are forced to confront the dilemma associated with inventory. They must determine how to keep stock levels as low as possible without sacrificing customer service. Unfortunately, their pain points are increasingly exposed. Whether they are stocking electrical supplies, medical devices, automotive parts, food and beverage products, building materials, or products from other sectors, most distributors are now challenged to rethink their approaches to inventory management.

At this point, the proponents became aware of the current situation of inventory systems through the passing and upcoming years and that inventory system now must be accurate and perfectly working in order to provide good service and satisfy the users.

Foreign Related Studies

In the study conducted by David Piasecki entitled Inventory Management System (2012) a multi-user application that offers fast and user friendly facilities for registration and managing a wide range of telecommunication networks and platforms. This includes IP, MPLS, SDH, SONET, PDH, WDH, Fiber, Ethernet, NGN, Frame Relay, Mobile, DCN, Sync etc. can be used across the entire organization. This means that the needs of the technical departments, sales through to senior management are all well catered for. A comprehensive, integrated view of the entire network can be represented by IMS and can be used to automate delivery and communications. Automatic configuration, Planned Work impact analysis, Network Reconciliation, Single Point of Failure calculations, Warehouse and Spare Management are all facilities which increase the effectiveness in terms of speed and consistency of delivery.

This study helps the proponents to know on how a business must manage its inventory to have a better performance of the operations. There are different modules specified, with this, the proponents were able to have a guide to make the inventory system effective and useful in the business.

In the study conducted by Admin entitled Wasp Inventory Control System (2010) a system that will help the individuals to eliminate a common inventory problem including Costly end of yearly inventory write-offs, Inaccurate inventory counts resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales, Wasting time spent searching for missing inventory. Engineered to improve efficiency and profitability, Wasp Inventory Control provides the capabilities you need to accurately track inventory, without the complexity of an enterprise solution. Idea for businesses ranging from individual contractors to larger operations with multiple locations, Control delivers advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use.

After reading the article above, the proponents chose this topic because the system can help to lessen a huge amount of problems within the company regarding the yearly cost and the inaccurate inventory counts. With this, the system can control the operation well because of the capabilities it provides.

According to Khimes, Restaurant customers appreciate the convenience of being able to make restaurant reservations online, but they also like the personal touch of telephone reservations. A study of 696 restaurant customers found that nearly one-third had made an online reservation. Those who made reservations online tended to be younger than those who did not, and online users also ate out more frequently. Those who made online reservations considered those reservations to be significantly more convenient than telephone reservations, and the online users also thought that websites gave more information about a restaurant than what they learned by calling on the telephone. At the same time, those online users felt that they had a better personal connection with the restaurant when they made telephone reservations. This tradeoff between efficiency and service perceptions points to a strategy of offering reservations via both methods. Emphasizing the convenience of online reservations may encourage customers to use the website, and that will give restaurant operators more information about their customers. Whether a restaurant uses a third-party reservation service or builds its own website, one key to ensuring a successful reservations process is to make the electronic process as straightforward as possible.

At this point, the proponents come up with an idea regarding the effective way on reservation process on restaurants. And also, they determine what is more convenient to the customer in making reservation online or through telephone. Giving emphasis to the convenience of online reservations may encourage customers to use the website, and that will give restaurant operators more information about their customers.

According to Tiffany (2012), if you are owner of a restaurant then you can consider the system called online restaurant reservations. Utilizing reservation system for your restaurant is a much better idea for you to develop your business and increase your customers as well. If you wish to install reservation system for your restaurant then you have to think about some important aspects.

With the help of installing online dining reservations system it is possible for you to run your business more effectively than ever before. Also this system includes some of the effective tools which really help you to have a proper plan on managing the tables. So it should be best deal for you to earn more income. You can even get restaurant reservations online system with the combination of table management system. These days many of the restaurant businesses providing this online restaurant booking option to their customers.

Many of the restaurant owners create websites for their business in order to reach the customer instantly without any difficulties. So it is very simple for the people to get details about the particular restaurant by searching internet. But your business site must be more attractive one with some superior pictures of your restaurant and even you can upload some special dishes pictures next to the menu on your site. As a fact the visitors will be impressed and they can prefer your restaurant to order their favorite foods. So most of the time, you can find a huge number of restaurant reservation systems providers on the internet.

This study gives a lot of ideas to the proponents, there are such benefits and advantages for the company if they have websites and online services such as reservations and other transactions. Today, business must track on the innovation of the modern technology so that they can meet the demands of the user. This kind of advertising can definitely impress people to have preference on the restaurant.

Local Related Studies

In the study conducted by JeonSoft Solution Enterprises entitled JeonSoft Inventory System (2003) provides easier and faster way to monitor the movement of your business’ stock of goods. It is interactively designed to possibly do the common tasks done in customary way. From item entry, releasing of the items, inventory adjustment, transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and production, sure you can keep track of your inventory. JIS uses JibesXP Tools that has been especially configured with properties that would help you organize well the flow of your inventory.

After reading the article above, the proponents chose this topic because the system provides an efficient way monitoring the movement within the company’s stocks releasing items, inventory adjustment, transfers and other productions or operations.

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