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Recall a time when you participated in a mandatory training at work. This could be new hire training, drug and alcohol training, or safety training, among others. What need do you think the training was designed to meet? What aspects of the training did you find motivated you the most? What was least motivating? Was the training effective for you personally? Briefly explain why it was or was not.

If you have not participated in a mandatory training, use the concepts of activity-based learning to explain how you learn best. Is it by doing, seeing, listening, or by working with others to solve problems? Provide examples, and explain why you believe this is how you learn best.


I have participated an the annual safety training day at one of the last places I worked.  The idea is the company would schedule your crew to come in on your day off and sit in a big conference room.  Your shift Supervisor would hand out quizzes that would correspond with a safety training video, we would watch the video, take the quiz, and then the Supervisor would review the answers to the quiz.  We would sit there for up to 8 hours and watch videos that were completely outdated, and in some cases not even relative to our industry or work we performed.  This training was designed for company compliance and not much more than that.  There was not much motivation  in any of the training, and most of us were not happy we would have to spend a day off in a classroom setting watching videos that didn’t even apply to our work.  The training was highly ineffective with out dated videos and alot of the workers wouldn’t even attempt to fill out the quiz because the Supervisor would give you all the answers at the end anyway.  

This style of training was painfully boring, and we all dreaded the day it came out on the schedule that we had to show up and go through it.  

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