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Interview Paper Template

Refer to your course syllabus and the Employee Recruitment and Selection Supplemental Syllabus Material before starting this project. This is a 2-3 page paper using APA formatting.

The assignment is divided into five different yet equally weighted or valued parts.

1) Interview selection process.

2) Sample situational (competency based) interview questions.

3) Organizational preparation

4) Resume review and testing processes

5) Show case the organization to potential job candidates

1) Describe the interview selection process:

What are the actual steps that are taken in your current or existing selection process?

2) Provide sample situational (competency-based) interview questions:

1- decision making:

1- Describe a time when you were angry about an unfair decision; what was the outcome?

2-Tell me about a decision you had to make to meet an unrealistic deadline; what happened?

2- problem solving:

1-Tell me about a recent problem at work; how did you resolve it?

2-Describe a situation in which you felt overwhelmed by a problem; what was the outcome?

3- communication:

1-Give me an example of a time when you to made a presentation and were asked question to which you didn’t have the answers. What did you do?

2- tell me about a time when you were compelled to communicate bad news to an employee. What were the circumstances? What happened?

4- delegation:

1- tell me about a time when you delegated tasks to a staff member who failed to follow through. What happened?

2- give me an example of a time when about an employee complained about a task you delegated; what happened?

5- time management:

1-tell me how you prioritize your assignments and budget you time?

2- give me an example of specific occasion when you were unable to meet a deadline; what, if anything, would you do differently?


3) Describe how you will prepare your organization for your upcoming recruitment program:

Looking in Chapter 9 of our text (pp 158-159).

Based on the material found under the heading “interview components” you are to research, identify, brainstorm, a simple but complete plan with specific steps in a chronological order that describes how you will prepare your organization for the upcoming recruitment program.


4a) Describe how you will review resumes?


4b) Describe any test that would be a part of the interview or pre-selection process:

Only cite or describe the actual tests that are currently used in your organization?

 (drug-psychological- personality-integrity-physical)


5) How would you promote or showcase your organization to new potential job candidates?


What traditional or non-traditional approaches will yield the most useful responses from candidates?Refer to Chapter 3 (pp 40 and 50).



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