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Field Experience Personnel Interviews

Master Scheduler Interview Questions

Name of Person Interviewed: ________________________________________

Date: ______________

Explain the purpose of the interview, and how the information will be used. (You may be asked to submit the questions prior to the interview). Ask the questions and record the individual’s responses.

How do you view your role as being responsible for the Master Schedule?

What are your major functions? What percent of your time is spent in each function?

Percent of Time

What specific competencies do you consider important to accomplish your responsibilities?

What type of experience would best prepare someone responsible for the master schedule?

How many people are you responsible to and for with master scheduling?

To what extent do you work with the administrative team?

To what extent do you work with the Grade Level or Departments?

To what extent do you work with the Data Processor?

How does your role help in attainment of the district goals?

What impact does your position have on students?

To what extent is public relations involved in your job?

To what extent is the Crisis Response Plan involved in your job?

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

How would you describe a highly effective administrator?

What school policies do you feel is important for an administrator to have?

Do you have any recommendations for me as a potential administrator in terms of how I plan for?

· Working with someone in your position?

· Knowledge of special education?

· Master Scheduling and course offerings?

· School Policies and administrative responsibilities?

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