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Create an interview questions with brief answers for a pregnant woman or a newly mother.

Ask and answer questions like:

1. Do you get maternity leave? How long

2. Does it seem like the father will be a part of the child’s life?

3. do you have other people in your life who will offer support at the level of childcare

4. Kow has being pregnant affected your diet

7. what sort of things can you think of that pregnant women should avoid eating or otherwise taking into her system?

8. Did you consider getting a midwife or a doula to help you through the pregnancy? Do you think it is wise or unwise to employ any of these (midwife/ doula) to help an expecting mother through pregnancy and/or delivery.

N/B  Ask more questions in addition to the above mentioned and give brief answers to all questions.

Total questions should be 15 in number

Give a conclusion and summary of the interview process and reflect your own idea on the overall questions asked 

Length: 2 pages

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