Information systems assignment | IT-272 | Southern New Hampshire University

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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

  • Explain the concepts of virtualization
  • Explain the concepts of cloud-based architecture


The company you work for, Packages Plus Delivery (PPD), currently  houses its physical computing environments on site. Packages Plus  Delivery is growing, including the number of packages delivered and the  number of employees hired each quarter. As a result of this growth and  to better meet the needs of the clients, organizational leadership  recently made the decision to virtualize all computing environments.

Leadership is deciding between internal virtualization and the use of  an external vendor. They are also considering a move to cloud-based  architecture but want to know more about the risks and cost benefits of  moving to a cloud environment.

As a virtual solutions analyst at Packages Plus Delivery, you serve  on a Virtualization Transition Committee. This group has been asked to  create a presentation that emphasizes how the decision to move to  virtualization will improve business strategy, and what the options are  if the company considers moving the infrastructure to a cloud  environment. Your presentation will ensure that leadership makes an  informed decision.


You have been asked to create a presentation that supports the  company’s decision to move to virtualization. Within the presentation,  you will need to address each of the following topics in order to inform  leadership:

  1. Describe how the company’s decision to move to a virtual computing  environment will impact its business strategy. If you use sources, be  sure to provide a citation. You must include:
  • The benefits of your company’s decision to move to a virtual computing environment
  • The constraints of the decision to move to a virtual computing environment
  • An explanation of how moving to virtualization will impact the scalability of the business 
    • The costs of moving to virtualization
    • The hardware and software, and other technologies involved
  1. In order to provide the most detailed information, you need to compare the implications of the organization moving to a virtual environment using its hardware servers in-house with the implications of using a third-party vendor  to virtualize. You may create a visual (such as a Venn Diagram) or  write a passage to explain these concepts. You will need to compare the  following factors and describe the advantages, disadvantages, and risks  associated with each: 
    • Cost: equipment such as hardware and software, maintenance (i.e.,  upgrades and backups), licensing, security (i.e., shared responsibility,  on premises)
    • Capacity
    • Agility
    • Service availability
  2. As the company moves toward virtualization, you want to inform leadership of cloud-based architecture by describing the cloud service models that are available. You must describe:
    • IaaS
    • PaaS
    • SaaS
    • For each cloud service model, you must:
    • Explain how it supports virtualization
    • Advantages for organizations
    • Disadvantages for organizations
  3. Describe different types of cloud deployment models that the company can deploy. You must include:
    • The benefits of each cloud deployment model
    • The constraints of each cloud deployment model
    • An explanation of how each cloud environment impacts the scalability of the business 
      • The costs of moving to that type of deployment model
      • The training involved in moving to that type of deployment model

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Your presentation should be submitted on a file that your instructor can easily access (.ppt, PDF, .doc).

Your presentation must include:

  • The evidence that supports your company’s decision to move to virtualization
  • A comparison of creating a virtual environment in-house compared to using an external vendor
  • Information on the various cloud service models
  • Description of cloud deployment model options

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