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  You will conduct a literature review (scholarly sources only) on Information Governance. You will determine how researchers have attempted to examine that issue by collecting data (you are not collecting data; just reporting on prior research).

As you read the literature, it will become apparent that there are multiple issues. Select one issue that stands out in the literature and address it. You must end up with at least five scholarly sources on which you will base your paper.


Your paper will include the following sections. Do not use any format other than an attached Microsoft Word file. Use a standard font style and size. A page in the body of your paper (other than the Cover, TOC, and References) is equivalent to approximately 250 words. In total, the body of your paper can range from a minimum of eight pages (2,000 words) to a maximum of 16 pages (4.000 words). The match percentage cannot exceed 20% (highly suggested to paraphrase sources).

Cover (1 page): 

Include your name, course, and date.

Table of Contents (1-2 pages): 

Use a Microsoft Enabled Table of Contents feature.

Background of the Problem (1-2 pages): 

Describe the problem and elaborate on any previous attempts to examine that issue.

Research Questions (1-2 pages):

For the identified problem, discuss the research questions that were posed.

Methodology(-ies) and Design(s) (2-3 pages):

Discuss the methodology(-ies) (e.g., quantitative, qualitative) and design(s) (e.g., case study, survey) the researchers used. Describe some of the chosen populations.

Data Analysis (2-3 pages):

Discuss some of the findings.

Conclusions (1-2 pages):

Discuss some of the conclusions.

Professional Application (1-2 pages):

Discuss the relevance of the research to your own profession and/or career.

References (1-2 pages):

Include at least five scholarly references in APA format (all these must also be cited throughout your paper).

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