Income inequalities between minorities and genders i’m working on a

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 Income Inequalities between minorities and genders
I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

A) outline income inequallities in the US and identify some of its primary social consequences, use one framework/approaches (about 1 page)

B.) Identify your own position about the issue including how you arrived at this position, how it relates to your own social location and any personal connection or lived experience with the topic. Los Angeles and being a woman (about 1 page)

C.) Then advocate for one specific social change strategy or action that you think should be implemented by governments, community groups, and/or individuals. Be as clear and explicit as you can about the change you are promoting and what level your strategy works on, is it a strategy for individuals? for organizations? for governments? etc. Your overall goal is, in alignment with your personal statement of your position on the issue, to advocate for a social strategy or action that would help to resolve, transform, or alleviate the problem/issue chosen. How would the change or action be implemented or delivered? Is it a training? Is it a new law? What would you do to help create this change? What is your role? Who would you do this with? Describe what social interventions or processes would be necessary for this change to occur. Use concepts, approaches, and course references in justifying your strategy or action for social change and its anticipated impacts. How will you target your approach? How will you know it is finished? What is your dosage? How many people will be impacted? Here you will use course references, with at least 1 references coming from Part 3 of the course, for a total of 4 course references used in the paper. (about 4 pages)

Requirements: 6 pages   |   .doc file


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