Implementing Change Paper Essay

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Implementing Change Paper Essay

A once-called company famous with the name of Apple Computer, Inc. transformed itself entirely to Apple, Inc. on January 9, 2007 by its CEO Steve Jobs. The change in the name and the subsequent changes in its product line rendered the company with an ever new wave of success that got phenomenal popularity and recognition among its consumers. The product under study is Apple iPod, which, like the company, underwent a series of changes within itself that expanded its range of horizons.

The Introduction of Product

On October 23, 2001, the original iPod was introduced by the company. With features like a large high resolution display, 5 GB hard drive, a lithium polymer battery and most importantly, a scroll wheel which would make the consumer comfortable to navigate through the playlist of the MP3 player; it differed and stood unique from its competitors like Compaq and Creative. The features of the newly introduced iPod were certainly astonishing but its expensive tag left the public in doldrums as to buy the product or not. It cost the public $400 at that time.

Critics were quite pessimist about such an expensive gadget. And, unfortunately, the very early stage of this gadget did not prove to be pretty rewarding. Another reason of the cynicism referred to the iPod’s incompatibility of Windows. The Gradual Change One year after the introduction of iPod, it was received in the European market. Unlike its first experience, this one was far better and the consumers welcomed the product with curiosity and enthusiasm. Within that one year period of time, gradual changes kept on occurring in the product.

Apple, after facing the cynicism of iPod’s incompatibility with windows, transformed it in a way that it was made compatible through Musicmatch. Likewise, the capacity of the hard drives also increased to 10 GB with the availability of a number of software products and accessories that could match with the first generation iPod capabilities. This was the first generation of iPod that the company was compelled to transform to have a greater appeal to its potential consumers. However, Apple did not stop here to transform its first generation.

To have a larger consumer market, it incorporated more appealing strategies like it introduced an engraving on the iPods with texts and graphics. Also, Apple used strategy of using laser inscribed signatures of Madonna, Beck and skateboard icon Tony Hawk. It went to the extent that it also engraved the band logo of No Doubt. By the fall of 2002, Apple also worked out its retail strategies. It wanted to broaden iPod’s market which it did through inking a deal with some 1150 stores throughout the US. This was done as to attract the Christmas shoppers.

Such a strategy proved heart throbbing as far as sales were concerned as it was the right move at the right time. This was also paired with the offer of a pink colored iPod that had inbuilt songs of Madonna. The transformation kept on occurring to the first generation until its completely redesigned structure appeared in the market in early 2003. This novel design included with all touch interface of iPod and a dock connector. The body of the iPod was also changed to a slight sleek one. As far as the software range was concerned, the Musicmatch was altered with iTunes 4. which also matched with the Windows capacity.

The hard drive that started with a capacity of 5 GB and was increased to 10 GB was further increased to have a range till 40 GB at maximum. The Entertainment Icon The whole process of transformation that occurred to the first generation of iPod made it an entertainment icon that had almost everything that the concept of entertainment entails. It also transformed the people’s perception regarding Apple that was just limited to a computer related company.

However, pertaining to the phenomenon that iPod brought with itself we could easily say that it pierced the market as being a ‘digital lifestyle’ incorporating the strategies that the company used to bring success to the product. The Success The strategies used to bring success to the ever new iPod were: endorsing the idea that the unique body of this MP3 Player is the most current thing which everyone should get hold of, it has a contemporary fashion appeal to it and the most fortunate event that fell under the umbrella of Apple’s iPod was the Christmas season in which almost everyone is out to have access to the best choice of gift in town.

These were the strategies used to bring success to the product that underwent so many changes merely to have a greater appeal and which proved very successful. Conclusion In a nutshell, Apple actually answered the public’s cynicism by carrying out strategies to change its product i. e. iPod. It first thought the product to be a success as soon as it was launched but its high price tag was the main drawback since it was also not compatible to the windows.

But somehow, Apple made iPod undergo certain changes in order to make it a public demand. Since, Apple already had recognition, it merely needed to think on polishing the product as to have a larger consumer following. It intended to give its iPod a whole new phenomenon of entertainment icon and it successfully did that. We can see people falling for the product.

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