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IDES 381 – Lighting Control Systems – residential – 

Read Lighting Controls –

In-wall dimmers/switches

Smart Lighting –

This link is FYI. Wellness lighting –

Every home will benefit from lighting control; dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photosensors/timers. Each feature offered provides energy savings, increased personal safety and wellness within the space while creating specific lighting for tasks and overall ambiance within the space. 

The role of interior designer offers the opportunity for educating your client. If the client is building a new home, explain the savings, safety/wellness and convenience of incorporating lighting controls. New building includes the third wire. If the project is a renovation/remodel recommend adding lighting controls to complement spaces and performance. Most companies now offer switches that don’t require a 3rd neutral wire

The time has never been better than now to incorporate lighting controls in the residence. It is relatively simple to add and the expense is nominal in the big picture. Numerous companies offer both smart activated lighting controls and wall integrated lighting controls. Lutron offers a bridge from wired to wireless/smart – very versatile. If renting/leasing the space the voice activated controls with assistance of Amazon, Google, etcis an effective way to control lighting options. Homeowners generally find in-wall/wired controls offer a broader experience; dimmers, motion sensors, and timers, whole house command controls.


1. Read articles2. Research 2 lighting control options: wired and wireless ex: Lutron and  Phillips Hue3. Price and apply each type, wired/wireless in your kitchen, bath, family room and bedroom spaces. 4. Compare and contrast your results.

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