Identify and describe key milestones in the history of english and | Lexicography

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to identify and describe key milestones in the history of English and Arabic lexicography. 

Action Item:

– Review the readings in weeks 2 & 3 that are about the history of English and Arabic lexicography (chapter 2 in Landau (2001), and Preface and chapter 1, parts 1.1-p1.7 in Baalbaki (2014).

– Choose what you believe to be the ten most important milestone events in the history of English and Arabic lexicography.

– Note the date, title, and 1-2 important facts about each event you choose.

– Create a Timeline for the events – follow the steps contained in the document Creating Timeline. After you finished your Timeline, save a PDF copy to submit it. 

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