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I had one of your writers to do a ENGLISH paper  for me last week but did not follow the RUBRICS or the sysllabus. 

I need the paper revised. 


1.  I will attach a copy of the introduction and the Thesis from assignment 2.

2.  Please use that thesis from assignment 2. 

3. After the introduction and the thesis statement,  do the Background  information on what the laws are today regarding  juvenile being charged as an adult.  Please do not use the word they when describing who you are talking about.

4.  Describe 3 problems regarding this topic.

 5. Last give a solution


I am attaching a copy of assigment 2 and the paper that I need Revised and the instruction on how the paper should be revised.


Please notify me that you pulled the attachments also.

Please do not rewrite the paper just make revision according to the rubrics instruction..


I need this paper back by Saturday please.

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