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BUS335 Week 2 Activity Template

Week 2 Activity: Using the O*NET Database

The job title that I have held in the past is software development. This is the position I am going to utilize for this conversation.

Your Job Title:

Software Developer

O*NET title and job number:

Title: Software Developer

Number: 15-1252.00

Compare your job to the position you selected in the O*NET database.

Briefly summarize your job

Because I work as a software engineer, I am accountable for creating the code that powers computers, mobile devices, and automobiles around the globe. My job also includes building brand-new applications for present markets and altering current applications based on feedback from users of such applications in addition to determining what consumers want. While in the position on the O*Net database, Software developers Develop and test new computer software and network applications by conducting research and analysis. Utilize computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to do a user needs analysis and build software solutions. Either the functionality of the software should be expanded or it should be kept up to date (Barhate & Dirani, 2022). Integration of hardware and software systems, as well as the establishment of performance requirements, may necessitate coordination with hardware engineers. According to O*NET databases, databases within an application domain can be maintained independently or as part of a team coordinating database development.

My line of work has a great deal of terminology, skills, and tools with a number of the others included in the database. This is especially accurate when it comes to the minimal levels of training and work experience needed to apply. The situations listed there are essentially the same as those that arise regularly in my field of work.

One of the most widespread misperceptions about what it takes to become a software engineer is the belief that a person must only be able to program code. This is one of the most prevalent misconceptions. Contrarily, the opposite is accurate. Since the responsibilities required in the profession are numerous, varied, and complex. The tasks are clearly outlined in the database. They include the ability to analyze information, evaluate the needs of software, and other tasks which top up coding to make a whole job.

Describe what surprised you the most about the O*NET database.

One of the many enchantments that are connected with the O*NET database is the fact that it can supply information on practically any imaginable area of work. This is only one of the many enchantments that are connected to this database. The sheer range and depth of the material that can be accessed through the database have both surprised and amazed me. This is because the database has data on every imaginable facet of any given career. The database created a list of duties that are thought to be involved in the software development process specifically for software developers. There isn’t a single piece of information lacking, and what is there is quite explicit. To my complete surprise, they all met the standards for my position, which requires that I have each of these skills to keep up my position as a strong contender in the job market. To compete in the job market of today, you must possess all of these qualities, which are necessary for my position. My employment requires that I do this. Another thing that comes as a surprise is the fact that the database contains the salaries of the same job in multiple towns and countries.


Barhate, B., & Dirani, K. M. (2022). Career aspirations of Generation Z: a systematic literature review. 
European Journal of Training and Development
46(1/2), 139-157.

O*NET OnLine (n.d). Software developers. Available at: https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/15-1252.00

© 2022 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University.

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