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I need help

Using the below guidelines, please write 500 words of a response  on one point that the author writes in the Habsburg piece. Please submit it by Wednesday Nov. 1st at 6 pm. Please submit this by sending it to me by email or Canvas messaging.


One point from the reading

Summarize one point from the reading


Clarity of the point’s summary

Explain the above point such that a reader who is unfamiliar with the topic can understand clearly what the above summarized point is


Reflection on one point from the reading

Reflect with your own thoughts on the above point that you chose


Justification of the above reflection

Give your own reason(s) to justify you provided this reflection.


Usage of voice markers: Who said which point (Author versus the student)?

Use voice markers so that readers understand whose voice each point refers to.

For example, the point you summarized from the article may be referred to with voice markers such as “the author said”, “the article sheds light”

As for your own reflection, make it clear that this is your own though by using voice markers such as “I find that”, “I agree”, “I suggest the following solution”


Organization of ideas rather than data dumping

Organize your response to focus it all on one consistent theme.

In other words, focus all of the following steps on the idea you chose to write about in this response .

(1) identify the theme/idea/issue from the article,

(2) explain this theme by referring to information from the author’s text,

(3) share your point of view about this theme/idea. Examples include:

a. your support/disagreement

b. your solution

c. the better/worse thing that this issue has when compared to another issue we discussed in one of our previous readings

d. a certain question that this reading encourages you to explore

(4) justify your point of view that you shared in point number 3.

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