I need a case study on this article – “impact of ifrs adoption on

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I need a Case Study on the below topic and I attached the article to this post. I need 4-5 pages document which includes Abstract, Introduction, Hypothesis, conclusion and along with references.

“Impact of IFRS Adoption on Financial Decisions: Case study of Indian Information Technology Industry: WIPRO Ltd.”.

I recommend you use the format we introduced in class as an example and format. Are you Yet able to suggest additional questions and content on our process for dealing in Case Studies? Remember: sometimes you need to ask different questions to expose the purpose behind a case study and why it is important. Here, you might inquire into the Protagonist’s position, might you not? If you were to learn that Indian business was not, as a whole, interested in adjusting the reporting criteria-as has been suggested in the study, Why might that be? What could be the current reaction by other’s to remaining with just and internal country requirement for contents?  Hint: it is already happening.


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