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Hello I need 4 Discussions – less than 100-250 words each discussion.


These are the topics that need to be written about:


Heroic and National Themes in Romantic Art


Explore and discuss.

The heroic theme is not found not only in Romantic literary works, but also in Romantic Art, especially in the paintings of Goya and Delacroix.  Explore some of the works that showcased heroism and nationalism by leading artists of this time.


Napoleon Visiting the Plague Victims at Jaffe (1804)
Napoleon on the Field of Eylau (1808)
Lieutenant Charles Legrand (c. 1810)

The Third of May, 1808: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid (1814)
Brave Deeds Against the Dead (c. 1814)
Ferdinand VII in an Encampment (1814)

An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging (1814)
The Raft of the “Medusa” (1818)

The Barque of Dante (1822)
Liberty Leading the People (1830)
Arabs Skirmishing in the Mountains (1863)

Statue of Liberty (1871-1884)
The Lion of Belfort (1880)

La Marseillaise (The Departure of the Volunteers of 1792) (1833-1836)
Jeanne d’Arc (1852)

  1. Select a few works you have explored, and discuss how the themes of heroism and nationalism are portrayed in each.


Late Nineteenth-Century Architecture


The violence of revolutions and the transformations of the Industrial Revolution made the clear rationality of neo-classical architecture seem naive. Architects and other artists began to express emotion—as well as reason—in their structures, and this stimulated a new artistic movement called “Romanticism.” One sweeping movement, however, cannot characterize the 19th century. Instead, architects embraced movements as diverse as neo-Gothic and, at the end of the century, “art nouveau.” Engineers also saw the advantages of new uses for cast and wrought iron to change structures from buildings to bridges.

    • Sir Joseph Paxton (British architect)
    • Henri Labrouste (French architect)
    • Louis H. Sullivan (U.S. architect)
    • J.A. Roebling (U.S. bridge architect)
    • Eiffel Tower, Paris
    • Crystal Palace, London

  1. Throughout the nineteenth century, various movements and trends shaped and changed architecture.  Cast iron paved the way for new structures.  How was this medium used, and what were the benefits?


World Wars and the Arts

  1. What did the literature, the visual arts, and music portray about the two world wars? Give specific examples that demonstrate the influence and impact.


Making Connections: Globalism

Question Mark

  1. What is your favorite work of art studied in this class? It could be music, poetry, art, sculpture, architecture, etc. ****Can write about architecture.

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