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(1) Watch the Steve Jobs video in Unit 8: “How to Live Before you Die”

What moved you and what lessons did you learn from him? and/or How can you apply this to the workplace?



(2) Choose two moons shots (ATTACHED) which you feel are most significant in changing the future of management and leadership in organizations.

  1. Discuss why these two are important to you and how you can apply these in your organization.
  2. What would the impact be in your organization if implemented? What would be the challenges and barriers to implementation?

Here are my choices…more questions than answers:

Redefine the Work of Leadership and Reducing Fear and Increase Trust

Redefining the Work of Leadership…I think leaders need to provide a more compelling meaning in who we (leaders and subordinates) are in an organization and where we are headed.  I am also interested in finding out more about leaders being social architects, looking deeper into the employees’ and customers’/consumers’ behaviors. Also important is understanding the community we are surrounded by, and creating a collaborative and innovative environment to increase innovation, making a better product/service and having an engaged workforce.  

Reducing Fear and Increasing Trust…I am still amazed at hearing from students how much fear is present in organizations and subsequently, how unapproachable managers still are in the workplace. I want to know what causes this culture of fear and more importantly, how is it able to be sustained for so long. My doctoral work originates with cultures of fear and intimidation in organizations. Not just from employees being bullied, but what type of experience employees bring from previous jobs. Many have been bullied and have formed a distrust of management, making it difficult for a non-intimidating culture to gain their trust. How do we suspend these assumptions and allow for a more open dialogue between each other?  We are afraid to open our mouths because of the risk of losing our jobs?  That does not sit well with me.


(3) How can you use Systems Thinking (BOOK ATTACHED) to simplify your daily life?  Or is System Thinking just a “corporate” way of defining and justifying common sense?  Give this one some real thought!!

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