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For this assignment you will find a career-oriented job of interest and then write a 1000-word reflection in response to the prompts below.

Step 1: Go to any of the job search websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or You can also search specific organizations’ websites for their career/job postings. Find ONE job posting related to your career ambitions that truly interests/excites you. (career in public health) You can either look for a job that is realistically plausible for you to apply to now (or directly upon graduation), or you can look for a job for which the qualifications you do not yet have but that you aspire to attain.

Step 2: Write down the URL for that job posting. Please check to make sure that the link is still valid by the time you submit this assignment. Invalid links that cannot be accessed may result in you having to redo this assignment.

Step 3: Respond to all prompts below. You can write this reflection as an essay, or simply as responses below each numbered prompt. However you do it, make sure you write in full sentences, and that your total word count is no fewer than 1,000 words (excluding the prompt questions).

1. Direct (and valid) URL link to the job you found:

2. Briefly describe the job you selected, such as what the job does, where it is located, what the qualifications are, etc. Do not cut-and-paste this from the job posting; instead summarize the job in your own words. Then explain why you selected this job (i.e., how does it relate to your future career ambitions; what drew you to the job, etc.).

3. Pretend you sent in your application to this specific job and you just found out they invited you to an interview. What advice would you give yourself to best prepare for and be successful in this interview?

4. Imagine you are now working at this job. What do you think are the elements of this job that you would love the most, and the elements that would be the most challenging to you? Reflect on why you think this is so.

5. In this job you have long working hours and enormous responsibilities. What do you think are the vision and values of your position and/or your organization and/or your project that would help you see past the sacrifices and the burdens that come with your job? Reflect on the values that matter the most to you in this job and your future overall career.

6. After several years in this job you are ready to advance to the next level in the field. How will you prepare yourself in terms of career development so that you can continue to grow as a professional? How will you keep yourself abreast of the skills and knowledge that you need in order to move up? Are there any credentials, certifications, additional degrees, or professional memberships that may help you advance in your career at this point?

Plagiarism Warning:

Turnitin software will be used to check this assignment for any significant PLAGIARISM. Therefore, do NOT cut-and-paste any text or job descriptions directly from the website you found. Instead, make sure you provide all descriptions in your own words.

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