Hr training presentation: harassment and retaliation

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Part 1: Harassment and Retaliation: What Every Employee Needs to Know

Oftentimes, people think they know what harassment and retaliation are and what they tend to look like in the workplace, but rather than assume, you decide you want to make sure that everyone has their facts straight. For this part of the presentation, include:

  • Definitions and examples of harassment and retaliation.
  • At least 5 possible questions an employee might ask about harassment and retaliation in the workplace and your responses.
  • At least 5 recommended resources you would like every employee to have. Be sure to annotate each one with a brief summary of the resource and your rationale for your recommendation.

Part 2: Harassment and Retaliation in the Workplace: Making It Real

Considering what you have learned about the legalities related to harassment and retaliation, recall such a situation from your work experience or reported abuse in a legitimate news report demonstrating harassment in the workplace. For this part of the presentation, include:

  • A summary of the harassment and whether retaliation was involved. If so, in what ways? If you were the HR professional involved, what retaliatory actions might you anticipate and how might these be avoided?
  • What you would need to know about the law in order to handle the situation appropriately and effectively as am HR professional. 
  • Your recommendation of steps to take to prevent this situation from happening again.

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