How to Write a Book Review

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How to Write a Book Review

If you do not know what to write in a review, it may assist to assume you are talking to someone who is asking you whether the should read the book.

1. Begin with a few sentences describing what the book is about 

As a general rule, try as much to avoid writing in detail about anything that takes place from about the center of the book going onwards. If the book is part of a series, it can be useful to mention this, and whether you think you would require to have read other books in the series to enjoy this one.

2. Discuss what you specifically liked about the book

Concentrate on your feelings and thoughts about the story and the way it was told. You can try answering several questions:

3. Mention something you do not like about the book

Discuss why you think you did not like it. For example;

4. Round up your review

Summarize a few of your thoughts on the book by giving a suggestion on the kind of reader to whom you would recommend. For example; fans of relationship mystery/drama stories/comedy, older readers, younger readers. Are there any series or books you can compare it to?

5. Rating

Finally, you can give the book a rating. For example; a mark out of ten or five, if you want!

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