How to Deal with High Oil Prices Essay

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To reduce the petroleum price not only government but people also must work hard about this problem.

Steps must be taken by the government are:.

1. Government must work hard to depend on other sources like solar-energy, water (which are renewable sources).

2. Recently a Pakistani engineer Waqar Ahmad developed a vehicle that uses water as fuel. He claimed that on one litre of water a 1000 CC car can cover a distance of 40 km and a motorbike can run up to 150 km using this technology.

Government must come forward to use up this technology in India.

3. Bangalore engineers has developed a car which gives 240kmpl and the government must focus on that cars and make those cars available in market at low cost.

4. Government must develop public transport system.

5. Traffic police must also work hard to clear traffic jam on roads because most of the fuel will be utilized by the vehicles in the traffic.

6. In the international market petroleum trading was done in dollars. As the Indian rupee value was decreasing we are investing more amount on that so government must focus on that.

Steps must be taken by the people:.

1. For shorter distance we must go by walk or by bicycle.

2. We must off our vehicles during red signal.

3. People of same destination and same work must encourage carpooling.

Finally government and people must work hard to create awareness in people who live in villages for the correct utilization of petroleum.

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