How the germany 6th army in stalingard in wwii use mission command

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 The paper is 1000 words can not be less or over the word count. Can not be in a Passive Voice and no grammar error, and no plagiarism. 

APA 7 format

Title and Reference Page (word count not included)

Question: How did the actors (leaders) in the case study (see attachment) USE or FAIL to use the Army Doctrine: Mission Command and Command and Control Army Forces.

I have provided an example of how the paper should read. Please do not use it! This is someone else paper.

I have provided an outline that will help you. When writing the paper use this

What: Defines what it means

Why: Asks why was it important 

How: Does it tie into the topic using examples from the case study

I have provided 2 references. 

In the ADP 6-0 you find the following information

Mission Command 

paragraphs 1-13 to 1-16

Principles of Mission Command (there are 7 just chose 3 to elaborate on using examples from the case study)

paragraphs 1-26 to 1-69

Command and Control

Paragraphs 1-74 to 1-90

Command and Control Warfighting Functions

Paragraph 1-95 to 1-98  (figure 1-2)

Art and science: you will have to do CTRL+F to find the meanings

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