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1.  Master Improvement Plan – **Review the Week 7 online lecture example**(http://it.spcollege.edu/flashApplications/directLinkToVideo/index.htm?rtmpURL=rtmp://fms.spcollege.edu/flv_mp3_files/huehnbrown_wende&streamName=mp4:PIM_Lecture7.mp4&objectWidth=640&objectHeight=480&autoPlay=false&previewWindow=true&floatingControlBar=tru)  and develop a master kaizen or improvement plan for your process using the template provided (template is uploaded file.). The Week 7 online lecture will help you understand how to complete and use this tool for your improvement project. Focus on longer term milestones and tasks (beyond this class) needed to support the original goals and objectives you defined in Week 2. Additionally base your future milestones and tasks upon the various improvement tools examined in the Week 5 and 6 lessons that are used to eliminate waste as analyzed in Week 4.  

2.  Review Plan Students had to coordinate and implement one kaizen or improvement project in Week 6 for this process. This review plan template is on the same file as the master improvement plan. The Week 7 online lecture will help you understand how to complete and use this tool for your improvement project. Students should review the improvements completed in Week 6 and plan further review plan needs (beyond this class).

3.  Identify Lessons Learned – Include challenges and experiences while doing this assignment. Generalize what you learned for use in later process improvement projects. This template includes a box to enter this step at the bottom of each plan (tailor for each criterion).



Submit Assignment 4 on Tuesday of Week 8 by 11:30 PM (EST).  This submission should use the template provided (there are two separate spreadsheets on the same file for criteria 1 and 2). Students may change the format to fit their project or employer needs, as long as similar steps as on the template are included. Some frequently asked questions (Link) and grading rubric(uploaded file) for this assignment are included in the Course Materials.

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