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Topic : Case Study: Hillshire Farms  https://hbsp.harvard.edu/download?url=%2Fcourses%2F1019680%2Fitems%2FKE1170-PDF-ENG%2Fcontent&metadata=e30%3DFor case study assignments, you will write an APA (7th edition) research paper with your analysis of the

The case study assignment response (research paper) should include the following:  
(1) summarize the case,  
(2) identify and discuss at least two key problems/opportunities identified from the case study,  
(3) identify and discuss the critical external marketing environment factors affecting the organization including
a discussion of why these are important to the organization,  
(4) provide recommendations supported with research that will address the identified problems/opportunities
(#2) and is supported with external research, provide an implementation plan for the recommendations, and
include a discussion of the expected outcomes as it relates to the implementation of the recommendations,  
(5) provide a financial analysis of the cost of implementation of the recommendations AND the impact it will
have on the financial standing of the organization. You will need to include financial analysis of the
organization overall and then discuss the financial impact of implementation, and  
(6) conclusion that includes discussion of opportunities for future study/discussion related to the organization.  

This is an APA 7th edition submission that MUST utilize at least first level headers.  

Include the use of headers within the research paper. The minimum of four external references that cannot be
limited to Google articles – you must utilize peer reviewed external research. The required external references
does NOT include the textbook.   Each case study assignment should include a bibliography.   

Your research paper response should be no less than five (5) pages not to exceed seven (8) pages of content.
Utilize the required 7th edition student paper APA formatting and proper grammatical rules.  

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