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College and high school share the same common goal, which is teaching students to learn; however, in reality there are many differences between college and high school. In fact college and high school are two different experiences in the life of students. For example many students at colleges and University’s live on that campus or establishment, for as people in high school do not. Most students who graduate high school and go off to college choose to be there, students who are enrolled in high school have to be there, if the students in high school didn’t attend they more than likely won’t be attending college.

Attendance is one of the biggest changes from making the change from high school to college, in high school kids were penalized for missing/skipping class. However in college the professor wouldn’t care if you came or not. That is a big part in the transition from grade school to the collegiate level. Most teachers in high school assign busy work that doesn’t count on your final grade. For as college you get assignments that really count towards your grade. You will very seldom get assignments that do not count like reading some pages in a text book etc. t is nice and saves a lot of time for your social life. There is also a lot of relearning in college classes, and classes can be much larger than those of high school. High school you will probably get fifteen to twenty students in each of your classes, but far as college it varies in numerous numbers you can get to fifty students in one classroom. Many people may not believe me when I tell them college students are much more mature than those of the high school level.

People of high school always have a principle, teacher, or substitute in their ear telling them what to do, and what not to do most of the time. College is more of yourself doing what you need to do to succeed that’s why college students are more mature and organized. Not saying that every high school student’s not, but for the majority college students over rule in that area. In college you can make out your own schedule instead of waking up early every morning at 8: am or whatever time your high school classes started.

It’s a big difference between high school and college. In high school you are expected to read short assignments that are then discussed, and often re-taught, in class. Far as college you are assigned substantial amounts of reading and writing which may not be directly addressed in a college class. You may study outside class as little as 0 to 2 hours a week in a high school class, and this may be mostly last-minute test preparation. College courses you need to study at least 2 to 3 hours outside of class for each hour in class to be prepared for test quizzes and exams.

The transition in high school teachers and professors are also a big difference. Teachers of the high school level present material to help you understand the material in the textbook, Professors may not follow the textbook. Instead, to amplify the text, they may give illustrations, provide background information, or discuss research about the topic you are studying. Or they may expect you to relate the classes to the textbook readings. The changes from high school to college vary in many ways some good, and some bad depending on the student.

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