High School vs. College sample essay

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High School vs. College sample essay

Stepping stones are like the baby steps into something greater, like high school and college. In high school, everyone says to focus yourself more into, because high school is the place to gain the knowledge that is nearly identical to the “actual world”. College, on the other hand, is when both the teachers and students can both relate to how the real world would function. So high school is the part of the baby steps that reach into college and as well as the real world. Although high school and college reading and writing become different, they also have some similarities, but in the end they’re both really important to everything that happens in people’s everyday lives.

In my four years of being in high school English, I can say that it’s already really different from college. The reading in high school was always given and there were times that it included self-reading, but it was because we were given questions to answer. Other times, it was because we had to do journals on each chapter of the book; main idea, summaries, character changes, etc. Overall, it was really easy, because the teachers would do at least half of the work for you and then you would be given the rest as homework, as long as you don’t procrastinate.

Being a freshman is college, it’s scary, because you hear stories from people saying how easy or hard it is being in college. There’s more self-reading that has to be done and during that time, you also have the process of taking notes and writing small responses when needed to on your own. It’s all about the independency and responsibility that any adult would have when entering through college.

As much as I love the subject English, I was never a huge fan of writing, whether I’m in high school or college. The writing processes that happened in high school were usually the same. We would read something that the teacher had given to us, take notes, and from those notes, we would have had to write some form of paper or short response. All the information about the book and paper were given to us, made it that much easier to know what to write about and what the paper was required to have by the teacher.

College is a whole new environment for those who are entering and sometimes it can take a while to get acquainted with everything. College is one of those things. The writing in college is very different, because the professors want something to be originally different form each student, rather than having to read all the class articles and they all end up sounding the same. Everything is different, because the formats that we have always stuck to throughout elementary and improved during high school is almost not needed in college. All those five paragraph essays won’t even be considered as an essay anymore, but if there are more paragraphs and as long as the topic is straight through, then that’s an essay.

Reading and writing are really important things to be learned, because that’s basically what the whole world consists of; letters and words and paragraphs. You can’t learn how to write if you don’t how to read or else you wouldn’t know the meaning of those words and the sentence itself. The same concept goes for reading. Be glad that you know how to do both of these things, because some people aren’t as fortunate as we are. Where they come from, education is given differently, which doesn’t allow “everyone” to be able to have the same education as others. This is also another reason why some families travel to a country so that their children can have a better future than the parents or their families have had before them. This allows the not only the children new expectations, but also gives the families some new experiences as they travel through this journey.

Writing and reading are two very important skills that are called Communication. For example, my major is Philosophy – Pre law. In pre-law it’s all about the debates and knowing how to communicate. Without these two main factors, then you wouldn’t be able to converse with others and be able to exchange ideas, because then how would you be able to learn and increase your knowledge to be able to win the debates? This is the main reason of why reading and writing are very important to all of us.

Everyone has heard other people tell them that you must always prepare yourself when entering into the “real world”. Where we are at right now,
whether it be high school or college, are considered as baby steps into reaching new experiences. First, there is high school, where we go to school and we gain more knowledge that is nearly identical to what we would be experiencing soon in the future. Then onto the next stepping stone, college, where it is the place that we can actually apply all those abilities that we learned before and into a place that the world would function similarly. So all in the end, it’s really important and maybe even critical that we all learn and know how to read and write since the entire world in made of mainly these two main factors.

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