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Indicate your major and what job you would like when you graduate.  In 2-3 paragraphs discuss how a tool like Tableau would help you in that job?  If you don’t think it would help that’s okay, just indicate why (2-3 paragraphs). My major is Business marketing and management!

Reply to classmate:

Classmate Julia: My major is management and I am currently working as a general manager at the transportation company.  As a management professional, I believe that a tool like Tableau helps me analyze and visualize my data effectively. Tableau makes it very simple to examine and analyze large volume of data for me and my coworkers, it enabling me to filter, sort, and aggregate data in a variety of ways, which in turn helps to recognize patterns and trends in my data I am presenting. I can create charts, graphs, and dashboards as well as other dynamic and interactive data representation with Tableau, which then allows me to clearly and interestingly present my findings to others.

What’s also great about Tableau, it is simple to collaborate with coworkers as it enables several users to access and work with the same data and visualization, my coworkers and I all have access to the data whenever we need it.  Also, Tableau can be connected to live data sources, which allows me to access real time data and make quick decisions, having most up to date information on hand.  By using Tableau for data management processes, I am able to reduce the time and effort required to extract, transform, and load data. This helps save my time and focus on analysis and strategic planning. Overall, Tableau is a powerful tool that helps me make informed decisions that would lead our company to corporate success and growth.

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