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Students will be asked to prepare a report on the content of one of our guest   speaker video presentations posted on Blackboard Content.  The report will be a minimum of  4 pages in length. Select one of the guest video presentations posted on Blackboard: 

Working with Veterans:  Daniel Ramirez 

Parole Supervision:  Officer Dominic Camilleri

Use of Polygraph in Criminal Justice:  Phil Cunningham, Stacun Investigations 

Supervision:  Probation Officers

Working with Women Offenders:  Lauren Johnson, ACLU, Austin, Texas

Role of a Neuropsychologist in Criminal Justice:  Dr. Larry Wornian

Format for your report:      1)  Begin by providing an introductory paragraph about the presentation and topic you chose. 2)  Provide a detailed, accurate description of the guest presentation. This section of the paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length.  If more than one guest spoke, discuss everyone.  Do not copy directly from the speaker’s PowerPoint slides.  Put info into your own words.   3)  Provide an in-depth analysis of your impressions, thoughts, and feelings engendered by the presentation. What did you find most compelling, surprising, informative, shocking about the presentation?  This section of the paper should be a minimum of 1 page in length.       This exercise will help students develop the important professional skills of:      1) Preparing clear, factual descriptions of events and individuals, and      2) Distinguishing personal feelings, thoughts, prejudices, and concerns from         accurate presentation of facts. The paper should be at least four pages in length, doubled-spaced, word processed, 11-12 font, 1-inch margins, grammatical, spell-checked.   USE THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS & PARAGRAPHS to help the reader distinguish between the different sections of your paper.    

  •  Introduction of the Guest Presenter and Topic  (1 paragraph – include name of presenter and title)
  •  Factual Description of the Guest Presentation (3 page minimum)
  •  My Thoughts & Feelings (1 page minimum)

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